Mt Cook Climbing Expedition

Map 2014 1 person

Map 2014 6 days

$ $5,900

Map 2014 Flight in included

Mt Cook is New Zealand's highest mountain at 3754m.

Mt Cook is a prized international summit and world class mountaineering objective suitable for experienced alpine climbers.

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Approaching summit of Mt Cook on guided Climb

3 Day Queenstown Mountaineering Course

Map 2014 1-4

Map 2014 3 days

$ From $950

Map 2014 n/a

The Queenstown Mountaineering Course is a short intensive course & introduction to the world of mountaineering.

Based in the world class mountaineering terrain of the Remarkables.

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queenstown mountaineering course thumb 12

New Zealand Mountaineering Course (Beginner/Intermediate)

Map 2014 1-4 people

Map 2014 5 to 7 days

$ From $1900

Map 2014 Flight in included

The New Zealand Mountaineering Course is a beginner/intermediate course for learning modern mountaineering skills.

The goal of the course is to teach participants how to safely climb independently in high mountain areas and on glaciers.

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new zealand climbing course thumb

Climb Mount Aspiring

Map 2014 1 person

Map 2014 5 days

$ $5,050

Map 2014 Flight in included

Climbing Mt Aspiring by the NW ridge is suitable for climbers with basic mountaineering experience.

Mt Aspiring's classic SW ridge is suitable for more experienced alpine climbers.

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mountaineering aspiring thumb

Technical Climbing Course (Advanced)

Map 2014 1-3 people

Map 2014 5 to 7 days

$ From $2200

Map 2014 Flight in included

A course for participants with previous climbing experience. Learn modern fast & light climbing techniques & tactics for success on big mountains.

The focus of this mountaineering course is lead climbing and we aim to climb as many peaks as possible.

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advanced climbing course thumb

Mt Aspiring Climbing Course & Ascent

Map 2014 1 person

Map 2014 7

$ $6,300

Map 2014 Flight in included

Learn core mountaineering skills and make an ascent of one of New Zealand's most iconic peaks - Mt Aspiring 3033m.

The focus of this climbing course is snow and ice climbing skills, and learning about mountaineering on glaciated terrain.

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climb course thumb

New Zealand Mountain Guiding

Map 2014 1-4 People

Map 2014 4-10 days

$ from $1300 per person

Map 2014 Fly in or walk in

Choose guiding or instruction or combine them both for ascents and instruction.

Choose to be on guided ascents of the premier New Zealand peaks or focus on learning skills from our experienced & professional guides.

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mountaineering private thumb

Climb Mitre Peak

Map 2014 1

Map 2014 5 days

$ $5,100

Map 2014 Flight in & out included

Mitre Peak is an iconic New Zealand peak that sees relatively few ascents.

The Mitre Peak climb is steep and demanding and a unique New Zealand mountain experience that can only be offered by an experienced professionally qualified mountain guide.

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mitre peak thumb

New Zealand Alpine Rock | Darran Mountains Climbing

Map 2014 1-2 people

Map 2014 5 days

$ from $2,450

Map 2014 Optional

The huge clean granite walls of the Darran Mountains in Fiordland are the home to the best New Zealand rock climbing.

The Darran Mountains offer multi-pitch rock routes and world class steep and exposed classic alpine rock ridge lines.

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Cradocks Retreat Darran's climbing